New Kentucky Law: Victory or Deception?

By Alan Phillips, J.D.

Vaccine Rights Legal Expert

[~1450 words, 5-7 min read]

          Aware communities pose a risk to the criminal elite, because we see at least some of what’s really going on. They must manage that threat to continue to advance their agenda. They must control activism efforts, contain our work so that whatever we do, we don’t stop them. By all objective measures, they're pretty good at it. We do ever-greater activism work, they go ever-faster; the deaths and disabilities just keep rising. They accomplish this control through an impressive list of sophisticated tools designed to mislead us, confuse us, distract us, send us on wild goose chases, and to give us a false sense of security. This amounts to keeping us busy doing things that don’t stop them while they continue to roll out their plan. And their ongoing advancement, despite all we do, reveals their effectiveness at managing us.

          One way that controllers manipulate us is by taking advantage of our ignorance of the law. (See Vaccine Legal Disinformation for another widely used technique.) For example, many people don’t understand that a bill is only a proposed law, not an active law. Any legislator can introduce any bill, but there are many steps between a bill’s introduction and it becoming law. History reveals that very few health freedom bills ever make it through that process; the pharmaceutical lobby is simply too powerful. But once a bill is introduced, disinformation agents and well-meaning but confused activists quickly seize the opportunity to spread the news about the “new law,” and the aware community quickly accepts this as fact without further investigation. We must become more discerning! As pharma moves forward more aggressively than ever before, disinformation is thrown at us more than ever before, to keep us confused and distracted, to keep us in check. We must scrutinize anything that immediately sounds good [read: “feels good”], because “sounds good” is simply a psychological hook that sucks us in, that gets us to accept false information as true without investigation. Do your research--find out how bills become laws in your state legislature, and learn how to track bills online in your state, so you can personally review the status of any bill of interest instead of blindly accepting the assertions of the disinfo agents or well-meaning but misinformed activists. Both pervade our community and keep us misinformed.

          A similar situation occurs when a bill passes one legislative chamber—the house or the senate—but hasn’t completed the process to become law. Headlines announce, “bill passes house,” and we immediately think it’s a new law, when it isn't a law and never becomes one. Other misrepresented terms include the phrase “Public Law,” which can refer to bills—not laws—in the federal legislative system; and a “Resolution” by the Congressional House or Senate which is simply a political position statement, not a law. The misuse of these terms causes not only misunderstanding, it also serves to bolster our faith in systems that are ultimately unreliable, as the elite can control the outcome in any given instance they deem necessary to advance their agenda, regardless of the real science or real law. This is one way they keep us operating in systems they control, resulting in their agenda barreling forward despite everything we do. The solution, however, is not to stop working in systems they control; it is to disarm that control to free up our work, to enable those systems to function reliably when it matters most instead of succumbing to pharma money and power that, to date, roll over real science and law far more often than not.

          Even brilliant aware doctors fall prey to this. E.g., a well-known (in activism circles) aware doctors organization recently sent out broadcast emails telling everyone to demand that President Biden “sign an executive order that prohibits states and private industry from mandating [vaccine passports] as well as restricting the free movement of the unvaccinated…” However, Presidential executive orders only apply to the executive branch of the federal government. The President can’t force states or private industry to do anything—(not that Biden cares what we think anyway, but…). In another instance, I politely corrected a prominent vax-aware leader, privately by email, about the limits presidential executive authority. Instead of saying, “thank you for explaining that, I’ll send out a correction right away,” he angrily told me to stick to law and let him do the legislative activism work. Never mind that legislative activism *is* legal work, or that his state had just lost their religious exemption. When we make assumptions about our legal or political systems--when we refuse to pool our collective experience and expertise, to work together for the common cause, we only make pharma’s control of us all the easier for them. We’re better than this, people—or we better become better than this soon, as time is quickly running out. Law is complicated; we must be more inclusive of our knowledgeable legal experts if we’re ever to be legally effective.

          We must also recognize that the people who suicide holistic doctors with impunity have the power to keep us from getting a “win” any time they wish—legislatively, judicially, politically, and otherwise. So, when we do get a win, we should be skeptical before rejoicing, as this rarely happens unless it serves pharma. There are only two reasons pharma allows us a win:
1) It has no effect on their overall agenda, in which case it serves them by reinforcing our belief in systems that they, ultimately, can control whenever necessary to advance their overall agenda; and 2) It has only the appearance of a win, in which case it even more effectively misleads us, reinforces our trust in the systems they control as and when needed to advance their agenda.

          The people who can suicide holistic doctors can, of course, bribe or threaten judges, legislators, politicians, etc., or anyone in our movement—and they do. I went to jail four times for 79 days and was disbarred for following the law, to punish me for being a whistleblower and to keep other victims quiet. This happens, people—often, in one form or another—and it’s a very effective control tactic. They do whatever is needed to control us, the aware community, and they’re experts at it.
The bottom line is that we rarely get a win unless is serves pharma. So, we must scrutinize “wins” more closely to see what’s really going on. For example, a new Kentucky law allows for medical and religious exemptions to epidemic vaccines. That’s a good thing, of course, but epidemics and pandemics are different things. Given the many steps bills go through to become law, including review by multiple committees that often involve multiple language revisions, votes in both the house and senate, it’s extremely unlikely that a law would get passed during this long-term, ongoing pandemic that accidentally used the word “epidemic.” Will the exemptions apply to pandemic vaccines? Not by the strict wording of the law, but I guess we’ll see. Sure sounds to me like a ploy to me, though--one designed to give us a false sense of security (we can get exemptions when we can't), and to bolster our belief in systems they control as/when needed. The very first article someone sent me about this new law used the word “pandemic” in the title, revealing that the article was either disinformation from a confused activist. We’re past the age of epidemics, people. We’ve moved on to global pandemics, because that’s what now serves the agenda, the goal of complete and total global control of the human population. The money alone from this one vaccine is in the trillions of dollars—too much to allow anyone to opt out absolutely (though exemptions may be allowed initially to instill a false sense of security while vaccinating a majority of the "willing" [deceived] population).

          I’m not proposing we stop legislative activism, but I respectfully point out that decades of experience reveal that we’re very unlikely to fix the problem there, unless we take steps to free up this and other systems to function properly. This isn’t about raising awareness, though we must continue that for as long as we still can, for no number of slingshots will ever defeat a tank. Something completely different is required. Not in place of anything else, but rather, in support of everything else we're doing.

          We woke up to the problem; now, we must wake up to the solution.


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