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When we speak out...

Why We Are Losing the Vaccine War,
and what to do about it

Part 2
(Part 1)

Last Updated Jan 29, 2019

When we speak out, we risk attack. When we remain silent, we guarantee it...
Vaccine Rights Alan Phillips, J.D.

Or, as a radio listener-caller on "The Know Your Rights Hour" in 2014 put it: "If you're afraid to speak out now, you should be more afraid not to speak out, as it will only get harder later on..."

The solution to the vaccine agenda is a 3 step process:

1) Expose the corruption, as the legal systems (courts, legislatures) will not function reliably until that occurs (for even a bad person will do the right thing if there's a spotlight on 'em), and the solution requires enacting laws that protect and having courts willing to enforce those laws (by way of the real science finally seeing the light of day, of course);

2) Exposing the corruption requires neutralizing the PSYOP (psychological control tactics), as otherwise, no one will see the corruption for what it is, or see the real science; and

3) Neutralizing the PSYOP requires (among other things) large numbers of people speaking out in a coherent, unified voice, calling out the corruption (as otherwise, we are easily marginalized, portrayed as a small number of quacks, etc.).

Until enough people speak out, the vaccine agenda progresses. As the foundation is now being systematically laid, via extreme rhetoric, for the enactment of laws prohibiting public sharing of anti-vaccine views in the name of "public health," remaining silent is no longer an option. Doing so only postpones the day when the corruption is exposed, and the ongoing harm is finally arrested. We control the ultimate price, the totality of harm caused, by our silence or our voices.

The bottom line our community MUST come to terms with is:


Risk-taking is not an option, it is a requirment.

And we must speak out now for the sake of newborns, toddlers, children, and (increasingly now) adults. If remaining silent buys one person or family some time, it contributes to the taking away of time away from millions of others. We can no longer afford to put ourselves above others. This message needs to spread throughout our entire community. 
No one else is going to save us; we must all save all of us.

Paradoxically, speaking out raises the risk to the individual speaker, while lowering the risk to those already speaking out. But with each new person who speaks out, others are emboldened to do the same. The more who speak out, then, the safer it becomes for all who speak out, and the less risk to others for first speaking out. We must add to speaking-out numbers until our collective voices drown out the psyop lies.

Put another way, we must covert growing awareness numbers to growing outspoken voices.

Millions of people already question mandatory immunization. What would be the effect of only one million of them speaking out on the same day? Especially if focused on the same point(s)?

What if we declared the 1st day of each month to be "International Vaccine Truth-Telling Day," a day for **everyone** to speak out together, for both the immense impact and safety in numbers? What if the first collective message was simply, "The U.S. VICP has paid out $4 billion for vaccine injuries and deaths!"? How many who never heard of this might have their reality-fantasy cracked just a little?

*Everyone must make a decision for themselves and their families, of course, and there's' no judgment here for any particular decision.
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