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"We love your show!" AA & GA, April 2014The Vaccine Agenda Radio Show

 "...once again great show look forward to listening to next week live!
These shows are great to keep everyone informed..." TB, June 2013

"No one else holds a candle to his knowledge and ability to explain.
Definitely worth a listen!" 
HS, June 2011

THE VACCINE AGENDAMonday eveningsVaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips JD

  • Host: Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan Phillips, JD
  • Mondays at 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT, 7 pm MT, 6 pm PT
  • Listen Online:
  • Shows Feature vaccine adverse events guests and reports,
    medical expert guests, and/or vaccine legal and political discussions
  • Email your vaccine legal questions for discussion on air to attorney at 
"Thank you Alan for all you do for parents everywhere and to our listeners! Your expertise is so highly valued by every person I know. Thank you so much for making yourself available each and every week :) and for your heart felt, dedicated service to all of us. " CG, June 2014

" have our sincere thanks and admiration for helping to set the record straight and in helping thousands of families nationwide..." JD, June 2012

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