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"Thank you for caring about the truth and 
rights of those affected by this issue."  
JV, Mar 2013

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Projects are listed in reverse chronological order.
Some documents are revised periodically.


Note: Bill language may change over time,
rendering prior analyses inapplicable.

  • UNITED STATES - H.R. 2232
    • May 1, 2015: FL Rep. Frederica Wilson introduced H.R. 2232 to make fed grants to states for "preventive health services" contingent upon states elminating non-medical vaccine exemptions. 
    • Here is my letter to my representatives about this bill. Feel free to use "as is," modified, etc.when contacing your reps!
    • June 5, 2015: Sen. Tillis' Idiotic Response to my letter.
"Wow, Alan, your letter is such a perfect blend of courtesy, documented fact, clarity and firmness in suggesting what must be done. Thank you so much." MJ, May 2015
    • May 7, 2015: On reading the current version of NJ's bill, it appears to have corrected the Constitutional problems present in a prior version of the bill.
    • April 11, 2015: Letter to NJ Legislators explaining Constitutional problems with S1147, about NJ's vaccine exemptions

    • May 4, 2015: Written presentation to Texas Legislature
    •  Video of presentations by Attornrey Phillips, Professor Holland, and Dr. Bark
    • March 2015: H.B. No. 2006 includes unconstitutional language seeking to require membership in an organized religion to qualify for a vaccine religious exemption. Show your representative this legal analysis (revised 3-10-15) to get them to oppose this language.

    • May 1,  2015: Letter to Rep. Zalewski re: S.B. 1410, violations of First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
    • April 2015: S.B. 1410's new language requriing parents to be educated about vaccine risks and benefits violates First and Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional rights. Here's the analysis to give to your state representatives.
    • March 2015: S.B. 1410 includes unconstitutional language seeking to require membership in an organized religion to qualify for a vaccine religious exemption. Show your representative this legal analysis (revised 3-10-15) to get them to oppose this language.

    • April 27, 2015: S.B. 792, would impose daycare worker immunizations with no non-medical exemptions. Letter to CA legislators
    • March 27, 2015: S.B. 277 seeking to remove non-medical exemptions. Letter to CA legislators requested by CA activists.

    • April 27, 2015: H.B. 589 would have a LRC reevaluate current immunization laws to determine whether to the current vax schedule, repeal the medical and religious exemptions, or add any exemptions. This dangerous bill exceeds Constitutional boundaries as worded and could be a whitewash for a politically pre-determined outcome. This letter to HB 598 Bill Sponsors provides the legal analysis and respecfully demands adherence to Constittional boundaries, and transparency and equality should the bill pass and the reevaluation take place. Share it with your NC representatives!
    • North Carolina Vaccine Rights Activist Page
    • March 29, 2015: Letter to NC legislators argues against S.B. 346, remove religious exemption,  support philosophical exemption. (rev. 3-29-15; check for future revisions)

    • April 12, 2015: Letter to PA Legislators explaining several Constitutional problems with HB 883's proposed changes to PA's vaccine exemption law.
    • March 27, 2015: Letter to CT legislators requested by CT activists to oppose the version of HB 6949 requiring a vaccine education to get an exemption.
    • March 2015: Legal Analysis of the current MI vaccine waiver form, why/how it violates Constitutional rights of parents, and possible remedies for the situation.

  • NEW YORK: 
    • June 2014: A497 would allow children to consent to vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases. This summary letter to the NY State Legislature and Legal Memorandum explain how this bill violates multiple state and federal laws, and why it isn't necessary to address the underlying concern.
    • March 2014: HB 14-1288 seeks to add vaccine "education" to the vaccine exemption process. An activist gave this letter and Legal Analysis from Attorney Phillips to legislators opposing the bill.
  • NEW YORK: 
    • February 2014: Alan talks with Sallie Ok. Elkordy about the new mandatory influenza vaccine requirement for NYC-regulated daycare and childcare facilities [youtube]. 

    • May 2013: HB 693 seeks to repeal sec. 90-21.5(a), a very good thing, but has some problems with replacement language. See this revised Memorandum detailing the problems with 9021.5(a) sent to sponsors of HB 693 on May 17, 2013..
    • March 2013: See this article by Atty Phillips published by Natural News about this issue. 
    • March 2012: Sec. 90-21.5(a) allows children to consent to vaccines and other medical procedures. This Memorandum (revised 4-13-12) explains why this statute violates state and federal Constitutional provisions and statutes. This law should be repealed or substantially amended.

  • MICHIGAN: September 2012: HB 5605, a bill to prohibit hospitals from mandating flu shots for hospital employees. This letter was read to the Health Policy Committee, it was required to be 3 minutes or less in length.
  • NEW YORK: April 2012: A343 and S384 (same as A343) would allow children under the age of 18 to consent to HPV and Hep B vaccines without parental knowledge and consent. This Memorandum (revised 4-13-12) explains why this proposed law is blatantly unconstitutional and should be withdrawn. Share this memorandum with your NY representatives!

  • CALIFORNIA: March 2012: AB 2109 (link is to bill search page) seeks to make healthcare providers gatekeepers of non-medical vaccine exemptions. This Legal Memorandum (revised 4-13-12) explains why AB 2109 violates the Constitution and is bad law for other practical, financial, and ethical reasons. CA residents are urged to present this to their state legislators along with any other objections they may have to this bill.

  • VERMONT: March 2012: SB 199 seeks to remove VT's philosophical exemption. 
  • U.S.: February 2012: Open Letter to Pediatricians who refuse to treat unvaccinated, legally exempt children. Presents legal, ethical, professional and common sense considerations against this policy. Use is freely granted, provided responsibility for use is solely that of the user.

  • EEOC - Healthcare Worker Rights: February 2012: Attorney Phillips has sent a Request and Memorandum to Chairman of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) requesting a formal Opinion addressing the many questions underlying the widespread, inconsistent unlawful rejection of healthcare workers' request for a religious exemption to employer-required vaccines across the nation. The Chairman is not required to write an Opinion, but Attorney Phillips makes a compelling case for one to be issued.


  • May 2010: NORTH CAROLINA: Attorney Phillips drafted a Legal Memorandum to help NC parents obtain alternate school facilities for exempt children when they are excluded from public school during a local infectious disease outbreak. For such exclusion to occur due to children's parents' exercise of a federal Constitutional First Amendment right--a vaccine religious exemption--is unfair, and possibly a violation of parents' Constitutional rights. Attorney Phillips and other NC citizens will be meeting with NC legislators on this matter in the near future.

  • May 2010: KANSAS: Attorney Phillips authored this Legal Memorandum to support KS residents' effort to modify their religious exemption statute, which currently requires membership in an organized religion with tenets in opposition to the immunization requirements. Such laws were held to be unconsitutional in five other states. This memorandum will be presented to state legislators in KS in the near future.

  • April 2010: MICHIGAN: Attorney Phillips helped a MI resident draft This Letter to state officials regarding inappropriate language in the state's religious exemption form that parents must sign to exercise the exemption. The form erroneously, unethically, and possibly unlawfully accuses parents of creating a health risk by exercising their federal Constitutional First Amendment right, and state right, to refuse vaccines for religious reasons. This letter has been sent to state officials in MI.

  • 2009-2010: Attorney Phillips provided support to citizens of NEW HAMPSHIRE and  MISSISSIPPI for their efforts to enact philosophical exemptions, and to citizens of WEST VIRGINIA for their efforts to enact a religious exemption.

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