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Help With Vaccine Rights Legislation

Revised Feb 9, 2015

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Laws determine who must be vaccinated and when, and who can refuse and how. So, Step 1 is to find out what your rights are now. Step 2 is to take effective action to change current laws if you don't like the answer to Step 1.

The federal government lacks authority to mandate vaccines for state residents. So, most of this is going to play out at the state level.

A. Scan the scope of the problem here:
Vaccine Choice Legislative Agenda, and determine what your specific goals are now.

B. Communicate your concerns and solution requests to your state repesentatives. Here are tips for maximizing your effectiveness:

1. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your representatives. If that's not possible, schedule a phone call, and arrange to have your written material in their hands at the time of the call. Letters and emails are better than nothing, but may have minimal impact, as they are probably read by staff and may never come to your representative's attention unless they come in significant volume.

2. Written material must be concise sound-bytes. Do NOT bury your rep in volumes of information--it will never be read, and you won't bring anyone up to speed on the vaccine controversy in 10 minutes. Select a few key, irrefutable points, and provide mainstream references. A good document clearly presents the problem, summary of evidence proving the problem, and provides a concise solution. Here's one example, addressing influenza vaccine mandates for adults.

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