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Introducing the Vaccine Controversy
Quick Points for Legislators & Others

Revised January 22, 2019

Suggestion: Prepare a short introduction of the most pertinent key points with referenced facts and a few graphs, such as those below.

1. Sample list of primary points to introduce the Vaccine Controversy to Legislators and others.


     A. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program payouts 1989 - 2018
     (Note the substantial increase in recent years.)

     B. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System reports 1990 - 2016
          (and a 
DHHS Report says "fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported." Results p. 6)

     C. Vaccine Antigens and Doses 1948 - 2016

     D. Combined Civil-Criminal Fines Assessed Against Pharmaceutical Companies that are over $100 Million 2001 - 2018.
     (note the substantial increase in recent years)

     E. Immunization Graphs, Ramond Obomsawin, S.Sc., Ph.D.
     Suggestion: Select a couple of the most relevant graphs

     F. Vaccines Did Not Save Us (scroll down to US Mortality Rates)
     Childhood infectious disease mortality declined substantially
     before the introduction of vaccines.
     Several diseases in one graph.

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